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Milford Sound Cruise - Go Orange

This place is simply awe–inspiring. Recently ranked #1 Milford Sound attraction, Go Orange offers the longest, least crowded, best valued 2-hour boat cruise in the fiord. We cruise the full length of Milford Sound right out to the Tasman Sea (As always with Nature everything is weather dependent. How far out to the Tasman Sea we will travel on the day will be weather dependent. We aim to make the cruise as comfortable and safe as possible.)
  • Best valued 2 hour boat cruise in Milford Sound
  • Spacious vessel – size really does matter!
  • Uncrowded - even at peak times!
  • English only commentary & awesome friendly personable crew
  • Excellent espresso coffee & non-alcoholic drinks available for purchase

address Milford Visitor Terminal
city Manapouri
phone 03 3 249 8585
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